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Now 38 Years young, Care Bears is continually loved by children and adults alike. The group of fun, lovable bears from cloud-filled Care-a-lot have one special mission – to teach caring and sharing to others and show them how to express their feelings. Originally designed for greeting cards, the popular characters proceeded to be used for toys, television shows and films. Care Bears TV shows are available in UK on Tiny Pop, as well as through Lionsgate for home entertainment and VOD from Netflix.  Each bear has a different name and belly badge reflecting their individual personality traits, leading fans to identify with their favourite character.

Remaining popular since its inception with 98% awareness across kids and their mums., Care Bears is now present at retail across categories, including apparel, publishing, partyware and accessories. Bulldog Licensing plan to build on the existing licensing programme and further the reach that Care Bears currently has in the UK for babies, young girls and adults.

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