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Garfield is a universally-recognised and loved figure thanks to his opinionated, demanding, acerbic, savvy and smart personality. “I was asked to write this, but because it was a Monday, I couldn’t be bothered.” He’s now over 35 years old… in dog years, he’d be dead.

Ever since his appearance in 1978, Garfield has always struggled to get himself out of bed on Mondays. Even so, he has done rather well for himself.
Garfield has grown to be one of the most accomplished cats in the world, even appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most syndicated comic strip of all time.

Over 200 million people read Garfield comic strips in 2,100 newspapers daily. Garfield’s first compilation book, published in 1980, went to the number 1 spot on the New York Times’ Bestsellers list and he has gone on to sell over 200 million books worldwide.

Appearing in two hit movies (grossing more than £15m at the UK Box Office alone) and with his own television show a ratings hit on Cartoon Network in the US and Boomerang in the UK, Garfield is a cat with appeal right across the ages and both sexes.

Bulldog is proud to represent Garfield in both the UK and US markets, and is growing this fantastic brand on both sides of the pond. In the US, Garfield’s Q Score rating sees him in the top 5% most recognised characters with greater recognition than the Easter Bunny and in the UK, Kids’ License Monitor repeatedly places Garfield in the top 5 character brands for both recognition and desirability.

With some of the world’s leading licensees joining the Garfield programme and top retailers listing him amongst their top-sellers, Garfield is a brand with huge potential.

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