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A taxi from the people that only make taxis

The Black Cab is a British institution and internationally recognised icon of London and the United Kingdom.

Universally acknowledged for creating the famous Black Cab, The London Taxi Company is the leading global manufacturer and retailer of fully accessible, purpose-built London Taxis.

The current model being produced, the TX4, is the latest in a long line of Black Cabs to roll off the company’s production line in Coventry.

A strong line of licensed merchandise is already available covering die cast models, with toys and publishing set to hit the market over the next year. The fashion world has been particularly receptive since the launch of the new licensing programme at BLE 2014 and discussions are now underway to bring to market a wide range of apparel and accessories to further the work that has previously been undertaken by fashion notables including Ted Baker.

LICENCE HOLDER: The London Taxi Corporation