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Meet The Grossery Gang!

Where stale’s on sale and sold comes with mold! Browse the vile aisles of putrid products and foul foods! It’s your One Slop Shop where the shoppin’s gone rotten!
Get to know the humorous, zany new collectable brand from Moose Toys, the creators of Shopkins. The Grossery Gang is a collectable line of characters based on all the things kids know and love from the local grocery store and more! Take a bite of some Gross Greasies, dare to try some Sour Dairy, or grab a quick snack of Crunchos!
Distribution partner, Flair, launched the toys in July 2016 with over 150 characters to collect in Season One. The launch has been digitally supported with heavyweight TV advertising, a new website and app, followed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. The brand has seen huge sales right from the first week, with The Grossery Gang leaping to the top of sales charts across major retailers everywhere.
Bulldog Licensing are developing a cross-category licensing programme, co-ordinated with key partners, to ensure incremental support of the core toy line.
Delve into this whacky new world as you explore the world of The Grossery Gang!