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Put on your Yo-kai Watch and discover the mischievous Yo-kai!

From the group behind the world’s largest anime brands LEVEL-5, YO-KAI WATCH teaches kids the value of friendship in fun and witty manners. It follows the everyday life of Nate who discovers that the world is full of mischievous beings called Yo-kai that create troubles and conflicts. Nate’s mission is to find creative ways to understand the root cause of their bad behaviour and to make friends with them. Every time Nate helps a Yo-kai with a problem he receives their medal. He can summon a Yo-kai for help by placing the medal in his Yo-kai Watch.

In just two years, YO-KAI WATCH has seen phenomenal success in Japan, with 3.5m watches, 200m medals, 100m trading cards, 10m books and 10m video games sold. Broadcast on TV TOKYO since January 2014, it is the highest rating show for kids aged 4-12.

YO-KAI WATCH will be launched on European TV’s in Spring 2016.