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Jul, 2018
Bulldog Revs Up ROUTE 66!

Bulldog Licensing has added to its portfolio of market-leading properties with lifestyle brand ROUTE 66.

Everyone has heard of ROUTE 66 – the legendary highway once linked Chicago to the American West and the term has since entered the global lexicon as a byword for adventure and a love of the open road, giving the brand huge appeal. The property is relatively new to the UK market and is backed by a host of resources, including 125 high-res photos and 367 original artworks.

In licensing terms, the brand has massive potential and in Germany, where a programme is already up and running, ROUTE 66 is already a €30m retail property. It also has a huge following in fashion circles in Italy.

Bulldog is currently in discussion with a range of potential partners across various categories

“We are really excited to be working on this Authentic American Lifestyle brand,” says Bulldog Retail Licensing Manager Lindsey Chester, “ROUTE 66 is instantly recognisable, so there’s ready-made brand awareness, and the brand has timeless appeal. We’ll be looking to extend this versatile property over a wide range of categories and the potential is vast.”