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Nov, 2018
Brand Alliance Hits The Road With ROUTE 66!

Bulldog Licensing has announced a major new deal for lifestyle property ROUTE 66, with Brand Alliance coming on board.

The brand ROUTE 66 is based on the legendary highway that once linked Chicago to the American West. ROUTE 66 has since entered the global lexicon as a byword for adventure and a love of the open road, making the name instantly recognisable and giving the property huge appeal. ROUTE 66 is backed by a host of resources, a comprehensive Style Guide with theme-focused chapters (such as Bikes, Cars, Flags and other) that include more than 350 original artworks and 125 high-res photos.

Although relatively new to the UK market, the brand’s massive potential is illustrated across the world, with an especially strong presence in Europe. In Germany alone, ROUTE 66 is a €30m retail property, while in Italy, France and Spain the brand is marketed across various distribution channels, from gas stations and supermarkets to department stores.

The new agreement will see Brand Alliance develop a major new ROUTE 66 apparel range to hit stores in Spring 2019.

“ROUTE 66 lends itself perfectly to apparel and we are delighted to be working with Brand Alliance on this iconic brand,” says Bulldog Retail Licensing Manager Lindsey Chester, “This is just the start of the program, and we have had a great response to the brand and are currently in discussion with potential partners across a number of strategic categories.”