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You can't beat a bit of bully

One of the most popular gameshows ever to air in the UK, Bullseye brings together general knowledge with the power of the tungsten. Peaking at 19.8m viewers in its Boxing Day broadcast on ITV in 1989, the show has a strong following throughout the UK and is synonymous with fun, celebrity players (including George Best and Nigel Mansell) and of course those catchphrases such as ‘Bully’s special prize’, and ‘nothing in this game for two in a bed’.

The show has aired on Sky Challenge since 2006 and is regularly amongst the top shows for the channel delivering more than 100K views. Bullseye has also been included in Series 1-3 of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

The licensing programme includes apparel, gift, and publishing, as well as a specially created Bullseye online store. Fans can also play Bullseye themselves thanks to the Home Leisure interactive darts game that’s rolling out to venues imminently.