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Holly Hobbie is going to save the world some day. For now, she’s happy to start with her hometown.

Holly Hobbie was first featured on a greetings card over 50 years ago. The artwork was soon featured across a range of products generating over $1B in retail sales. For those that are familiar with the brand, the girl with the blue bonnet is instantly recognisable and remains so today. Globally, fashion collabs with Batsheva and Dolls Kill have launched to date.

In the UK, a gift range for Mother’s Day launched exclusively at Clintons in 2020 and following its success has been refreshed every year since.

Holly Hobbie is being introduced to a new generation of fans through a successful US TV show on Hulu. Focusing on Holly – the funny, likeable, guitar-playing country girl – it follows her as she navigates relationships with her family, friends new and old, and the community of Collinsville. Airing on CBBC in the UK since July 2019, the series has proved popular with fans, with Season 3 having aired on CBBC earlier this year. All three seasons are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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