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Holey Moley!

Moley is a charming, optimistic young mole who lives with his friends underground in the city of MoleTown. He is the The Keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic (or Manny as he likes to call him).

The series follows the life of MoleTown’s most famous mole. He is forever in demand. Each day he’s invited to participate in events, make appearances, learn about the new mole cultures and customs from moles of diverse backgrounds, and sharing his knowledge of the human world above.

Although Moley is viewed by the citizens of MoleTown as a knowledgeable ‘mole of the world’ he’s still the same old regular Moley and isn’t as self  assured as he appears to be to the adoring public. Sure, he’s got a magic book, and yes, he’s been to a few amazing places… but he/s really no smarter than the average mole.

Therefore, with every new experience, Moley finds himself in a pickle. Whether he’s joining in an underground tunnel race (but has never driven a racing car before), or entering a cooking competition against MoleTown’s most famous chef ( he’s never really cooked before), or sharing cultures of diverse moles (none of which he is familiar with) Moley always manages to wind up in a bind.

Featuring the voices of Warwick Davis, Gemma Arterton, Togo Igawa, Richard E. Grant, Charles Dance and Julie Walters, Moley is a family-focused entertainment brand. The slate of content includes three series of 52 episodes each with a full digital support plan that will see Moley content develop an always-on presence supported by heavyweight marketing



LICENCE HOLDER: Two Daughters Ltd.
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