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The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) was founded in 1820, and is based in Burlington House, Piccadilly. After 200 years, the Society has over 4,000 members, or fellows, with a quarter based overseas, including professional astronomers and geophysicists, as well as students, teachers and historians.

As a brand, the RAS represents a community of brilliant minds, passionately curious and mutually supportive, who have a shared concern for the future of humanity. As a credible, independent source of the latest scientific discoveries in the field, the Society is a custodian of the past, but looks to the future.

A leading authority on astronomy and geophysics, the Society promotes the study of these subjects and has a rich collection of assets to be used across a range of categories such as gifting, toys and games, homewares, apparel and accessories, publishing and more.

The RAS has a wealth of creative assets to offer licensing partners, from logo-based visuals to historical astrophotography, artistic representations, and iconic artwork and graphics, to use across a huge scope of relevant products.

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