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An iconic brand returning!

The iconic brand has sold to 220 territories and is available in 60 languages, with over 3 million followers across digital platforms and more than 2 billion YouTube views. Produced by Banijay Kids & Family label Zodiak Kids & Family France, Totally Spies! originally ran from 2001 for six seasons. A new series has been confirmed, introducing the brand to a whole new generation of fans. It will launch this year around the world.

Totally Spies! follows the adventures of three teenage girls, who live a double life as undercover agents fighting crime, while trying, not always successfully, to live normal lives as students. The show enjoys enduring appeal among adults who fell in love with the original action, gadgets, and missions, alongside young audiences who also enjoy the show’s wit, invention, and positive messages about friendship and teamwork.

Focused on a strong adult nostalgia market keen to revisit an entertainment classic. Some of the early categories targeted will be apparel (daywear and nightwear), fashion accessories, tech products, health & beauty, and stationery.

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