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Mar, 2019
Good Arrows! Bulldog Bags A Bullseye Double

Bulldog Licensing has added new partners for top gameshow brand Bullseye, after signing deals with Crackerjack and Sporting Profiles.

Bullseye is one of Britain’s most popular ever gameshows. Presented by comedian Jim Bowen, it drew in massive audiences through an irresistible mixture of darts and general knowledge questions. Catchphrases such as ‘You can’t beat a bit of Bully’ and ‘Super, smashing, great!’ are now part of the national lexicon. The show ran over the entire ITV network from 1981 to 1995 and regularly pulled in 13 million viewers per episode, with a peak audience of 19.8 million on Boxing Day 1989. ITV has since featured the show in two high rating one-off specials and the show is still on air through digital channel Challenge, which broadcasts Bullseye every single evening, often pulling in audiences over 200,000.

The new deals will see Crackerjack produce a gifting range that includes alcohol gift sets, money tins, tankards and glassware, whilst Sporting Profiles is set to launch a Bullseye fan website. This adds to an existing programme that includes Bullseye-branded biltong, a Bullseye quiz book – complete with magnetic dartboard and toy darts – nightwear, socks, apparel, mugs and prints.

”Bullseye is a brand that has transcended its original format to become a much loved part of British culture, so even people who weren’t born in its heyday know the name and the catchphrases,” says Bulldog MD Rob Corney. “This massive brand recognition is translating into a big and growing licensing programme that shows no sign of stopping.”